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Churchgate Premier Homes have helped many people unlock the value of their property through the creation of high quality and sustainable new homes. A selection of recent examples from some of the land owners is provided on this page. As will all our land purchases, the entire process is without any cost to the landowner and we purchase the land before any development takes place.

Mrs A

Mrs A from Burnham made £1m from selling here rundown property to Churchgate, an uplift in over £300,000 compared with the open market value of her property. We achieved planning permission for the redevelopment of the site to provide a handful of high quality family homes. With the money, Mrs A has purchased a luxury retirement property with comfort and convenience which has greatly enhanced her quality of life.

Mr and Mrs L

Mr and Mrs L from Bishops Green made £150,000 by selling an excess piece of side garden to Churchgate. We achieved a modest rural cottage on the land to the side of their existing house. Mr and Mrs L are using the money to extend their home for their growing family.

Mrs G

Mrs G from Headley made £550,000 by selling part of her expansive garden to Churchgate. We achieved permission for two modern homes. Mrs G intends to use the money to retire to the south-coast”.

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