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About Churchgate

Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, Churchgate Premier Homes has not only built up a project portfolio throughout the county of Berkshire but has also made its mark on the Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas with the development of residential properties as its prime focus.
Since the establishment of Churchgate Premier Homes, an enviable reputation has been built on creating desirable family homes which are comfortable to live in, built to the highest standards and situated in desirable locations.
The design and implementation of each and every development is managed by a highly experienced project team which prides itself in taking a personal interest in each site, which allows the team to fully understand the needs of clients.

Our Expertise

Churchgate Premier Homes has thrived over the years due to the strength of the established connections and passion that goes into every aspect of their developments.
The primary focus and expertise of the company lies in the process of identifying land with development potential and successfully gaining planning permission.
Churchgate has a strong focus on proactively working with local councils and thoroughly understanding local planning policies, which has given the company a proven and successful track record of gaining planning permission where others have failed.
The team of in house planning experts and award winning architects is highly experienced in the planning process of residential developments and consider all policy requirements when it comes to providing the landowner with the appropriate recommendations.
To ensure that landowners have confidence in Churchgate Premier Homes, from the very first meeting, they are provided with an accurate account of the planning proposal and step by step information regarding the process.

Our Vision

Before a new development project has commenced Churchgate takes it upon itself to look at many different factors relating to the suitability of the area in relation to the needs of their clients; Is this a place where they would enjoy living? Does the plot offer the space to build homes that will excite them and capture their imagination? Is there an opportunity to design and build in a way that extracts hidden benefits from the location?

Over the years the company has gained a wealth of experience and ‘intuition’ that assists them in having the ability to answer these questions, influencing where, how and why they consider a site to have potential. This is the sole vision which has helped the company come so far.
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Our Design Philosophy

In a time where property development is constantly on the rise, Churchgate Premier Homes specifically focus their business model on creating high quality, bespoke properties. Each home and its immediate surroundings is designed as a one off. This starts with an extensive design process, where the focus is on delivering exceptionally beautiful and eminently practical homes, which meet the day-to-day needs of their clients.

The design philosophy was set when the company began and they are just as focused on it today. Every Churchgate home is designed with meticulous attention to detail and an awareness of the latest lifestyle trends. This is what creates the distinctive ambience and the reason their properties sell in record time.

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